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Get 1 - 3 pages of HTML Business Website created for your business so you can focus on what you do best..

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Creating website is the "EZ" part. What most businesses lack is the marketing strategy. Let us create your website and devise your marketing strategy with you..


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Learn the trade secrets digital media agencies won't teach you!
- Learn the secret, where other agencies get their resources...
- Save money, going directly to the source...
- You will not go to other agency after going through this training...

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Branding, Social Media, PPC, SEO & Quality Content


Using our proven 4R system, we will systematically grow your business online pressence with each 'R' contributing up to 25% each.

Yes, we will grow your business online by 100% and more! Read on...


What are you doing to proactively manage, protect and monetize your most valuable asset — your reputation?


What are you doing to ensure that more people know about you today than yesterday?


What are you doing to upsell, cross sell and repeat sell to maximize the lifetime value of your customer base?


What are you doing to use your successful relationships to create new, organic opportunities so that you can spend less and make more?


No Surprises. Just Results.
  • Stage 1

    Diagnosis your Business

    Do you trust a doctor who prescribe you the medicine before talking and understanding what your problem is. Likewise, do you trust an agency that offer you their service before first understanding your business needs.

  • Stage 2

    Prescribe a Marketing plan

    We will create a Strategic Inbound Marketing plan for your business. Whether your business needs a conversion fix or a traffic fix, we will advise you according. Just like how a good doctor does it.

  • Stage 3

    Apply the Marketing plan

    After setting up the appropriate dashboard and measurement tool, we will start implementing your plan, always keeping a close look at your ROI and conversion.

  • Stage 4

    Monitor and constant revision to the plan

    Even doctors review your case once a while. Do not expect us to just sell you a service and leave you alone. Expect us to constantly review your business, eliminate services that doesn't work, making sure at the end of the day, you are generating a positive ROI.

  • Stage 5

    Happy to accept Referrals

    Breate is built upon your support. When we grow your business, and attain all the goals we set with you, 6 months down the line, please do not forget to refer us more clients :)

Samples of what we can do for you...

Need a website? Look no further. Get one made right now.

Breate FAQ

Breate (pronounced Bre-ate), is a digital media agency that don't sell services like other agency out there. We actively pushed clients away if we don't believe the service will benefit them. 

Breate focuses that marketing using the 4R Methodology. Namely, Reputation, Reach, Resell, Referral. We make sure a company is strong in one area before moving to the next because we believe in build a strong foundation. 

Companies that follow through with our Methodology are able to get flood of customers after they reach the 'Referral' stage.

Key differences from other agency:
* We want to be your marketing team, working to grow your business with you
* To ensure you succeed, we are willing to build your website for you following our own advice for Free.
* We believe in the long term relationship built providing quality service that make you money. By bring you more business, that's where we hope our fee really comes from.


Don't hesitate to contact us or request our pricelist. No hard sell. No surprises. 

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